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Casting Short Rod Glove
Short Casting Rods - 5ft ' to 6ft 5 inches Protect your rods, line, eliminate tangles, great for organisation. Nothing worse than grabbing a rod to find its tangled, damaged, line scuffed etc.

Rod Glove Colour

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Hurricane VRX Short Casting Rod Glove

Short Casting Rod Glove  ( not egg beater style rod ) 
For Rods  5ft 5 inches  to  6ft 5 Inches


Retail Value $18.55
Proven World Wide
Tested and Proven in Australia
By  Australian ABT Anglers
No more tangled rods damaged rods scuffed lines

Hurricane VRX Rod Glove will Help Eliminate all these problems
Bundle your rods together with reels braid leader and lures all attached
Grab any rod at any time ready to cast without hassles or damage

Great for rod lockers also no more getting rod tips tangled inside the locker
Throw Rods Bundled in the Boat, Back of Ute, Wagon. No more Hassels, Damage,Tangles

Remember that trophy fish when the line broke arhhhhhh

Was the Leader damaged ????
Get the Rod Glove Stop the Damage !!!

Watch Rod Glove Video & Why you Should Have if your Serious about Fishing


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